NorSap AS is the leading manufacturer of helm, pilot and operator chairs for the maritime market.

With decades of experience in the product of aluminium based chairs and equipment, Norsap continues to deliver high quality, comfortable solutions for a demanding market. Our design philosophy is to keep seating varied, both for different users and seating positions - from a relaxed position to an alert working posture.

In 2017, NorSap and our partner Trans-Asiatic Trading Pte Ltd jointly set up a subsidiary company Nortra Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd in Shanghai, China to meet the demands of the Chinese market and serve our customers better.

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NorSap AS 公司是驾驶椅行业领先的生产商,我们的座椅主要服务于驾驶 、舵手、领航员及操作员等海上人士。拥有四十多年生产铝制座椅的丰富经验,NorSap 持续努力为海上领域提供高质量的解决方案。

自2017年,NorSap与我们的伙伴Trans-Asiatic Trading Pte Ltd在中国上海联合成立了挪太贸易(上海)有限公 司,以满足中国市场的需求也更好地服务于我们国内的客户。



NorSap 1600 STANDARD

The NorSap 1600 STANDARD is a robust and comfortable range – perfectly suited for demanding environments, compact in size and easy to install. The spacious armrests offer spacious room for internal cabling and installation of equipment and accessories.User-friendly buttons for height and backrest adjustments are conveniently located on the armrest.

NorSap 1600 STANDARD 是一款坚固而舒适的产品系列,非常适合要求苛刻的环境,体积小巧,易于安装。宽敞的扶手提供了宽敞的空间,用于内部布线和安装设备和配件。用户友好的高度和靠背调节按钮位于扶手上。

THE NEXT GENERATION - Our new product range

NorSap is making workplaces for people. We study the properties of the human body, it's mechanisms, so to speak. Then we set out to utilize the human capacity to the full, while avoiding damage, wear and fatigue. Our products are easy to use, have intuitive user interfaces and ensure maximum comfort for the user.

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NorSap 致力于营造舒适的工作环境。我们切实 研究人体的性质、运作机制。我们设法充分发挥人体的能力,同时避 免损伤、劳损和疲劳。我们的产品操作简单容易使用、有着直观的用户界面,并确保最大的舒适度。


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